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We are here to help you achieve your goals, we work on a personal one-to-one basis with all our clients and always strive above and beyond the point of call.


We have vast experience in the world of Lead Generation and Direct Marketing enabling us to become an important part of your business.


Through our call centres, online traffic and industry contacts, we have a huge reach and volume of people speaking to us daily about what could be your product.

Best in class lead generation

Aren’t you sick and tired of buying leads that you know will have your sales team tearing their hair out? You know what we are talking about. They have been recycled, 20 times (at least), called every week for the last few months, and the leads are about as hot as the antarctic.

  • They are either already with a service provider (fastest finger first)
  • Are locked into a contract till 2035…or longer
  • Or the data is so out of date that you start off on the wrong foot with the very first call
  • Or they don’t even want / need / use the service you are offering anyway

This results in wasted time, lack of sales and a waste of money. If you are looking for good leads, it’s about finding the leads in the right way. Why sift through sh*t when you can pan for gold? 

Why Choose Lead Gen And Co

All our in-house Lead Generators are the best in the industry when it comes B2B telemarketing. The Lead Gen And Co team is built from only the best & most experienced telemarketers around. Lead generation is highly effective if you have highly talented and experienced telemarketers. Rest assured our team is amongst the best in the industry. All our team experts have a proven track record in delivering results for you, our clients. Our team are natural on the phone, professional, polite, assertive and always respectful. PLUS we find leads using a quality PULL marketing approach. We have partnered technology with human skills in a new way to make 21st century lead generation a reality.

of Satisfied Partners

of Worked Hours

of Phone Calls

£'s of new business revenue

Signature Process

We use technology, social media, social proof, AI bots and humans to create a synchronicity in lead generation that is totally unique. We wont give the whole game away….this is proprietary software after all. But we’ll give you an overview of how we do it….it’s different, it’s effective and we invite you to try it *free.

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We want to make you busier and the team here is poised to get to work and show you how our Lead Generation process is light years ahead of anything else you've tried. Not forms, not volume for the sake of numbers. Just real, pre-qualified leads in your chosen sectors. We are experts, just like you. So get in touch to find out more about how we make it rain!



More ways than ever to target your target audience

we leave no stone unturned in the world of lead generation


We use the best in class email marketing to reach out, engage and make leads warmer by the second


Telemarketing can be crazy effective but only when done right. We don’t want to waste our time or yours so we call OUR leads for you as we know they are the best available.

Lead Generation

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A Leader In The Industry

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Our Key Team

Our team is composed of people that are good at what they do and the best in the industry.

Tim Duncombe

Tim Duncombe

Master of Mayhem

Haych phoenix-stones

Haych phoenix-stones

Marketing Madam

Charlie Carpenter

Charlie Carpenter

Squirreler of Leads

400k+ Satisfied Customers

“We appointed Leadgenandco to assist with feeding some quality leads through to our sales agents. They did exactly that and have been a breath of fresh air from day one. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Janet Renolds

Sales Director

“We have been struggling with Lead Generation companies for a while, finding the balance between quality and volume always seems to be a task in it’s own right. Leadgenandco approached us just at the right time with the right proposal in the right manner.”

Sara Blankenship

Company Owner


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