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Branding is a vital part of Life Science business success

Brand identity is more than just planning, choosing the right color palette, and picking a design for your company logo. It is what sets your company apart from your competitors. At Haych Enterprises, we make sure to conduct a complete study on the image that your brand transmits, to help you improve and renew it. We do creative designs for all kinds of corporate materials from business cards, flyers to canvases or Roll-ups. In addition, we promote the presence of your brand abroad, at events, and we commit ourselves to manage and take care of your reputation online. A good looking and easy to use website is critical for your business as its you 24/7 home online.


Branding is key


The Creative Process

Content is Marketing Fuel

Branding is key

The Creative Process

Content is Marketing Fuel


How can our branding concept and design bring success to your business?

Our goal when working on a branding project is to give your company a touch of uniqueness which will make you outshine your competitors. We work our magic for your brand to become recognizable, representing the best image that your organization wants to portray.


Why should you let us do this work for your business?

With our team of professional graphic designers and experienced marketing specialists, we create appealing, contemporary and innovative design in all areas of application. Taking into account your company’s character and range of services, we will support you in the graphic development of your idea. We design with passion and the necessary eye for detail while making sure to adhere to your existing design guidelines.

Designing for Blue Chip Brands

The biggest brands demand the highest standards. Every communication they produce reflects and enhances their message, quality, services and personality. They choose who they work with very carefully and demand the highest consistency and quality at all times. Every piece of promotional or creative work produced must meet their demanding requirements.

What comes with our brand identity package

Corporate Material & Brand Image

We take care of your brand identity, adapting the colors of your company and the logo, and designing the corporate material. Whether business equipment, trade fair appearance or simply brand presentation, we support you with our know-how and creativity.

Logo & Banners

Brands need a distinctive face. We support the entire design process from the first idea to implementation. Never underestimate the power of colour or the impact of a well-designed logo. We can create digital or physical banners for online marketing to offline events. Just tell us what you need.

Website Design

Websites need sliders or banners with different offers or advantages of your business to offer a more attractive image. We plan and design your website, exactly according to your needs, tailored to the target group and desired audience.


A good infographic with a few words is not enough. We create infographics with the information you want to represent for blog articles, papers, etc. We give life to your brand’s infographics by creating compelling visual content that would attract and create networks and a circle of influences. Ask us about video and animation too.

Customer Designs

A consistently implemented and Customized Design is an indispensable marketing tool for you, with which you can strengthen your Brand and measurably increase the level of awareness of your company or product. We work within any existing design guidelines you have.

Graphic Design

We design with passion and have the necessary eye for details. From web design to user interface design, illustration or 3D visualization, we realize your ideas on different marketing channels.