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We optimise websites so that they perform better in the major search engines such as, and, – these are search engine optimisation UK specific service but we also offer international SEO as needed. All SEO is designed to help your website receive additional free traffic from relevant search engines. We perform search engine optimisation (SEO). The SEO services that we provide are “ethical” or “white hat” – which means that our agency’s consultants follow, recommend and consider the guidelines from the search engines in all the optimisation campaigns we work on.

We want to achieve top ten rankings for you that will last! An SEO specialist is a person who has a thorough understanding of how individuals search for information (both on the Internet as well as other ways) and helps to ensure that their clients’ or their own websites are visible within the search engines’ unpaid listings.

search engine optimization uk

Search Engine Optimisation UK Services

Over time, with professionally conducted keyword research, constant and logical monitoring and refinements, testing and modification of text and links; we will get your site ranked for your profitable keywords in all of the major search engines. The Haych Enterprises team use search engine friendly methods that will help you compete effectively with your competitors. Our SEO company provides services that will fit nearly any company’s budget and website needs.

We love to make our clients’ website work best in the search engines and getting under performing websites fixed. Our passion is search engine optimisation. We have worked with colleges, universities, big brands, national organisations, small businesses and more. SEO is an art but it is not magic. Do the right things in the right way and you will get results.

Quick fixes is something we definitely don’t believe in. The aim of our SEO is long term placement within the search searches through building your online reputation, especially in Our focus is on on-page optimisation and implementing a web marketing strategy that is content based and focuses on improving your rankings and increasing the traffic going to your website.

Then we ensure we build the right incoming links, right keyword rich content and create an internal linking structure that is sensible. Do that and really any website can start to achieve increased visibility in Bing, Yahoo and Google via SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation UK

Getting The Best Search Engine Optimisation UK Results

We know how to achieve this through using our SEO software, tools and more than twenty years experience. We are an established professional SEO company based in London and Brighton. We use the latest SEO techniques to help your website reach the top positions of the search engine results pages. Our clients are throughout the UK (also in the USA, Spain and Australia) and every place in between. We will work with you to effectively optimise your website to your specific budget to get the results your business needs.

So can you answer these questions?

  • Can you be found for your competitive keyword searches in Google for your product, service or product?
  • Do you always have one of the top non-paid positions? If so, you don’t need to read any further. You have already reached most Internet users and don’t have to do any more SEO work.
  • Do you have competitors who grab your prospective online customers? If so, then we can help you.

If you are not being found but your competitors are then you need help! Take a look at the following facts.

  • Whenever customers decide to buy goods, in 60% of cases, their decision takes place online. (Do you have more online visibility than your competitors to ensure they are more likely to choose you?)
  • When searching for services and goods, 9 out of 10 people use Google. That is why it is critical to have an effective SEO solution.
  • Hardly anyone searches company names, and just 2-9% click on those paid links that appear at the top of Google search pages. (What you normally do?)

You can use SEO to become your industry’s dominant player. We have developed our own method for getting you first page placements in Google. It is a very effective strategy, but some work is required. It doesn’t involve an easy shortcut for purchasing clicks to falsely rise in the ranks but just disappear again as fast as you got the results. We use a detail orientated and long process that allows you to gradually consolidate your position as the search engine choice. This will provide you with natural visibility relative to your competitors. You will get the sales and clients ahead of them. SEO should be viewed as a strategic and long term project.

Keep in mind your competitors are working hard also!

That is why we continuously work on maintaining your positions in Google search. We create and customise a unique SEO solution for your business and you. All of the work that we do on search engine optimisation and visibility have included top 10 positions in Google, with many of the search phrases being highly competitive.

That is why we can confidently say that we can assist you with getting natural visibility online via SEO for your website.

To earn money, you must attract customers to your website – the right type of customers is equally important. The more visitors you can get to your website, the better chances you will have of converting some of them from a viewer to a buyer. The best way of making your website more accessible to those people you are attempting to reach is capitalising on the search engines.

Ready to know more – contact us today for a free website assessment.

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